Planner Traduções is an agency providing services in the following areas:

Certified Translations ◄

A certified translation of agreements, bylaws, briefs or any other contractual document is prepared by specialist translators. In this area, precision and accuracy are the keywords and, to achieve superior results, our company counts on professionals specialized in legal translation, with a long track record and mastery of the terminology used in this domain.

► Translations for Finance

Planner has a long track record of jobs in the Financial segment, with numerous translations of technical and commercial proposals, corporate manuals for banks and financial institutions, and all kinds of corporate documents intended for internal or external communication.

Translation for Information Technology ◄

Translations for IT (Information Technology) and adjustments to the local conditions of the systems are some of the services required when a company goes global. Thousands of headquarters and business operations emerge every day in different parts of the world, resulting in the need for translation, adjustment to the local language and culture of those who will operate and manage these new branches, franchises and offices in a foreign territory.

► Translations for Marketing

Marketing documents are designed with a purpose: informing, attracting and selling, and that's why marketing translators work focused on bringing the essence of brand and products to different languages.

Translations for Engineering ◄

To achieve our objectives, Planner relies on a team of expert professionals with extensive knowledge in the field, which guarantees the appropriate terminology for the translation of Engineering projects,, such as installation manuals, technical reports, patents and other technical documents.

► Translations of Manuals

Translating a manual requires specific skills to achieve the best results. It takes focus on terminology fitness and consistency; uniformity of style and objectivity; clarity of information; proper layout and, if possible, compatibility with the source text, including image treatment.

How we work

Planner provides video subtitling and translation of agreements, web pages, technical documentation, standards, IT material, manuals and courses.


The languages we translate include: English, Spanish, German and Brazilian Portuguese.

Our Working Method

Planner provides efficiency to address highly complex and large-scale projects in several domains of technical translation, and our customers recognize us as a benchmark provider in terms of service, speed and quality.

The company works with state-of-the-art Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) tools, which prevents inconsistencies and ensures superior quality of our deliverables.

Planner constantly monitors each step, adhering to the schedules and following the quality standards to meet our customers' expectations.